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Monday, October 16, 2017 by Isaac Garcia.

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I love to build companies, build great teams and I love to read.

I grew up in South Texas but now live in Los Angeles (Altadena).

I'm the Co-Founder of Central Desktop (now iMeet Central) a SAAS collaboration platform aimed at marketers and creative teams. Central Desktop was acquired by PGI (NYSE: PGI) in 2014. PGI was subsequently acquired by Siris Capital in late 2015.

Prior to Central Desktop, I co-founded Upgradebase in 1997, a leading product data provider to the Computer and Consumer Electronics industry; and Vendorbase in 1999, a B2B Marketplace for Computer Resellers. Upgradebase was acquired by CNET Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNET) in 2002 and Vendorbase was acquired by Tradeloop.

I officially started my career in the technology sector when I was hired as the first sales rep at Quote Desk Software, a quote and procurement solution for computer resellers, which was also later acquired by CNET Networks, Inc. in 2000.

Prior to all of this, I studied English and Theology at Ambassador University in Texas and continued my English studies at the University of Northern Colorado Graduate School in Greeley.

Somewhere along the way I also became a part owner of Century Books of Pasadena; one of the last great bookstores in Los Angeles. You'll fall in love with the place as soon as you walk in.

I'm also a Board Advisor to the following companies:
SaltyCloud, an Austin-based Security Application Company for Higher Education, an AI Based Sales Forecasting and Coaching Platform for Enterprise Sales Teams

As of the Fall 2017 I started incubating a sales recruiting technology startup.

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